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Do you suddenly have a chip or crack in your windshield? Vern Eide Mitchell in Eastern SD specializes in auto glass repair. We know how troubling it can be for your windshield to be damaged suddenly, and we strive to offer auto glass express repair services that fix, replace, or resolve your problem quickly and hassle-free. It’s important to resolve windshield issues head on, and right away, as they can quickly develop into a costly repair and potential safety hazard. Regardless of your windshield needs, choose Vern Eide Mitchell to help find the perfect solution for you.


Don’t Wait To Repair Your Windshield


Windshields aren’t indestructible, you never quite know when a rock or piece of debris will be strong enough to damage your auto glass. Always pay attention to cracks or noises that occur while driving, especially while on the highway or driving on gravel roads. Small rock chips may seem insignificant at the time, but they can quickly develop into larger cracks and holes if left untreated.

Temperature change causes your windshield to bend, creating a larger crack than initially. The movement of your vehicle and weather conditions also play a role in worsening the crack in a damaged windshield. Large cracks that are left untreated may require a full windshield replacement, depending on the size and depth. Not sure how far your windshield crack has progressed? Let Vern Eide help diagnose your problem and find a fast, affordable solution.


Windshield Repair Service Breakdown

Windshield Repair

Quick windshield crack repair

Full windshield replacement

Windshield sealing and leak repair

OEM and aftermarket windshield options

Custom windshield cutting

Windshield wiper replacement and adjustment

Emergency Auto Glass Repairs

Windshield inspection and quotes

Insurance claim assistance


Auto Glass Repair & Replacement In Mitchell

Our Vern Eide auto glass repair shops in Mitchell, South Dakota are your one-stop-shops for all auto glass related services. Whether you’re looking for business repairs for commercial vehicles, collision repair, or a personal auto repair, we’re here to help. We’ve serviced Eastern SD for decades, and understand the needs of our customers. Backed by our experienced technicians and amazing customer service, we offer a stress-free windshield repair experience, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in the right hands.

We also offer other services, such as oil changes and tire repairs. Whether you’re in Mitchell, Sioux Falls, or anywhere else in the surrounding area, Vern Eide Mitchell is ready to fix all of your auto needs.


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