Tire Services At Vern Eide Mitchell

Looking For A Tire Repair Service in Mitchell, South Dakota? Welcome to Vern Eide Mitchell’s tire repair shop, located in the southeast of SD. Whether you’re driving a truck, SUV, or a sedan, we offer a comprehensive list of auto repair services, including specialized tire service for all types of tires. Snow tires, light truck tires, SUV tires, regardless of your vehicle’s needs, let Vern Eide help you get back on the road safely.


Tire Service Vern Eide

Regular Tire Service

Regular tire maintenance is important to ensure road safety and extend your tires’ lifespan. By bringing your car to one of our Vern Eide Mitchell tire repair shops, you’re taking steps to prevent future problems. Our tire repair service is tailored to your vehicle’s needs, helping you stay equipped for every season or terrain.

We Sell Tires

Vern Eide strives to offer our customers the most comprehensive auto service in Mitchell. We believe tires should be high quality, affordable, and installed with trust. That’s why we offer a large variety of brand name tires at both our Ford & GM locations. Whether you’re looking for light truck tires, SUV tires, or passenger or snow tires for your sedan, we’ve got you covered.


Vern Eide Mitchell’s Tire Services

Tire Inspection Mitchell SD

Tire Inspection

During a tire inspection, our technicians will check the tires for physical damage, measure your dread depth, and check tire pressure.

Tire Rotation Mitchell SD

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation ensures your tires wear down at an even rate. This helps maintain safety on the road and allows your tires to last longer.

Tire Balance Mitchell SD

Tire Balance

Our team uses precision equipment and counterweights to perfectly balance your tires, ensuring a smoother ride.

Wheel Alignment Mitchell SD

Wheel Alignment

Improperly aligned wheels can pose safety risks and lead to uneven tire wear, making it essential to get a wheel alignment at least annually.

Flat Patching Service

Flat Patching

If the damage is only located in the tire thread, there’s a high chance it can be repaired. Our technicians diagnose the best route to take to get you back on the road quickly.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Our service includes maintenance and troubleshooting of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which monitors your tire pressure to ensure optimal inflation levels.


Why Choose Vern Eide Mitchell?

Our tire repair shop prides itself in satisfying customers throughout Mitchell, South Dakota. Vern Eide Mitchell’s commitment to quality service and dedication to getting you back on the road quickly is what makes us the best tire repair shop in the area. Your vehicle plays an important role in your everyday life, and we want to streamline the time it takes for your car to receive the care it needs.

Our technicians will diagnose your issues, and offer a service plan, and if it’s time to replace your tires, they’ll walk you through choosing the right tire size for your vehicle. Choose Vern Eide Mitchell for all your tire and auto repair needs.

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