Hail Damage Repair: Mitchell, SD

South Dakota weather can be hard to predict, and even more difficult to ensure your vehicle’s in a safe space when hail occurs. Luckily, Vern Eide of Mitchell’s expert technicians specializes in hail damage repair. Whether your damage is minimal or extensive, it’s important to take your vehicle to auto body repair shop that you can trust. Some hail damage may become less noticeable overtime, but most damage requires professional assistance, and that’s where Vern Eide steps in to help.


Types of Hail Damage We Service

  • Roof dents
  • Hood dimples
  • Door dings
  • Trunk depressions
  • Windshield cracks
  • Broken side windows
  • Shattered sunroof
  • Cracked paint on dents
  • Exposed metal surfaces
  • Cracked headlights
  • Scratched decorative elements
  • Window seal leaks


Why Is Hail Damage Repair Important?

Don’t neglect hail damage, no matter how minor it appears. Vern Eide strives to offer a hassle free hail repair process, from the time you drop your vehicle off to the moment you’re back on the road. Ways hail damage can grow into a much larger issue for your vehicle if necessary repairs aren’t made:

  • Lower Vehicle Value
  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Higher Future Repair Costs
  • Safety Hazard
  • Interior Damage

When it comes to hail damage repair options, there are many solutions to choose from. A paintless dent repair may be the best route for your vehicle, especially if the damage is minimal. Or, if there’s extensive damage to the body as well as the glass, you may require a full part and glass replacement in order to bring your vehicle back to its optimal performance. Our Vern Eide technicians will asses your damage, determine what’s necessary, and create a game plan for your auto repair process.


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Regardless if your hail damage is small or large, it’s important to have it examined by a professional. Contact your insurance company to see if your hail damage can be covered by your premium to help save on your repair costs. Ready to get rid of unsightly hail damage? Schedule your service appointment below!


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